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Season 6 / Epsiode 13 (S06E13)
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
00:00 - Allied feat. NPhonix - Heliox - Mindtech Ltd Dub
02:41 - Mefjus & InsideInfo - Repentance - Dub
05:23 - Malsum & Krone - Overload - Dub
08:05 - Allied - Mirror Image - Rise Audio Dub
10:46 - Allied - The Awakening - Mindtech Ltd Dub
13:28 - Malsum & Krone - ?? - Dub
16:10 - Allied - Impulse Response - Dub
18:52 - Allied - Catalysis VIP Edit - Free Download
21:33 - Stereotype - Solar Wind - Dub
24:15 - Rregular, Dementia & Incident - Terra Nova - Citrus Dub
26:57 - Allied - Thought Reform - Venom Inc Dub
29:39 - Allied - Universe - Mindtech Ltd Dub
32:20 - The Sect - Oxidize - Allied Remix - Venom Inc Dub
35:02 - The Sect - Strangers - Absurd Remix - Dub
37:44 - Allied - ?? - Mindtech Ltd Dub

* timecodes may be estimated
Initially meeting at school through a mutual love of forward thinking music, Brighton based DJ and production duo, Ali & Ed, soon started building a studio together. Quickly discovering and exploring sequencers, synthesizers and samplers they began to experiment within the blueprint of Drum & Bass to create the soundtrack to the Allied mind.
Their first release, 'Unseen Sun’ & ‘Lunar 3' was picked up by respected UK label Sinuous Records and marked the beginning of the Allied sound. Following on from this debut 12 inch, Allied have been rapidly gaining momentum in both the studio and DJ booth. Having performed in over 20 different countries and seen their music released on various labels including DSCI4, Rise Audio & M-Atome, their futuristic, tech-influenced grooves are spreading across the dancefloors of the UK and beyond.

Maintaining a busy production schedule alongside their high octane DJ sets, Allied are constantly developing their own unique style and sound. Look out for forthcoming releases on Rise Audio, Syndrome Audio, Citrus Records and Mindtech Records.


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