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Season 1  /  Epsiode 3  (S01E03)
Monday, August 26, 2013
1. The Brig - Fools Gold [Disciple Recordings]
2. Dodge & Fuski ñ Bad (Flinch Remix) [Disciple Recordings]
3. Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp (Vip) [Disciple Recordings]
4. The Brig - Old Skool [Disciple Recordings]
5. Dodge & Fuski ñ Got 2 Come Together (501 Remix) [Disciple Recordings]
6. Torqux, Culprate - McFunk [Inspected Records]
7. The Brig - All Aboard [Disciple Recordings]
8. Millions Like Us - HWTW (ft. Ivy & Gold) [Inspected Records]
9. SKisM - Elixir (Karetus Remix) [Never Say Die Records]
10. Millions Like Us - Militant [Inspected Records]
11. MUST DIE! & Computer Club ñ Payback [Never Say Die Records]
12. Culprate - Scarred [Inspected Records]
13. 501 - The Final [Never Say Die Records]
14. MUST DIE! - Snowcone [Never Say Die Records]
15. Habstrakt - The Rise [Never Say Die Records]
16. Megalodon - Boom [Never Say Die Records]
17. Eptic - Space Business [Never Say Die Records]
18. SKisM - Elixir (Vip) [Never Say Die Records]
19. Engine-EarZ Experiment ñ Rogue Status Ft. Orifice Vulgatron (xKore Remix) [Never Say Die Records]
20. Culprate - Diablo [Inspected Records]
21. Lazy Rich feat Belle Humble - The Chase (State Of Mind Remix) [Never Say Die Records]
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Avast me hearties! Dodge & Fuski's Disciple Recordings is back with another debutrelease, this time coming from Russian electro-swashbuckler 'The Brig'.
Madder than a scurvy-ridden sea rat, these 3 multi-tempo tracks showcasing his catchy if somewhat bizarre trademark sound are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Backed up by a solid remix from promising new USA act 'Barely Alive', this is just the beginning of the adventure for The Brig...


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