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Season 4  /  Epsiode 2  (S04E02)
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
01 - Vaptor - Odyssey - Forthcoming on Biogenetic Records
02 - DeeJay Delta & Vaptor - Temple Of Darkness - Unsigned
03 - DeeJay Delta - Hollow Earth - Unsigned
04 - DeeJay Delta Anna Lua - Glory - Forthcoming on Biogenetic Records
05 - DeeJay Delta & Vaptor - Biosphynx - Unsigned
06 - DeeJay Delta & Vaptor - Isotope Transition - Unsigned
07 - DeeJay Delta & Vaptor - Hathor - Unsigned
08 - DeeJay Delta & Anna Lua - Chronomancy - Forthcoming on Biogenetic Records
09 - Vaptor - Monster - Forthcoming on Biogenetic Records
10 - DeeJay Delta & Anna Lua - Splendor (Prolix Remix) - Protegen Records
11 - Blah - SubZeroVip - NocidBusiness
12 - DeeJay Delta & Anna Lua - Anunnaki - Unsigned
13 - DeeJay Delta & Vaptor - Fear Cluster - Unsigned
14 - DeeJay Delta & Vaptor - Nomad - Unsigned
* timecodes may be estimated
Panda presents Deejay Delta and Vaptor. Deejay Delta started in electronic music as a member of the amiga demoscene in which he wrote arcade-like music with basic computer synthesizers. At the dawn of the new century, Deejay Delta moved into Drum & Bass. After a while, his music was signed to many labels. Coincidentally enough, around 2004 (when I just started in D&B as Peet, later Panda) he even released on my own label Foundname Records. Times have changes as his tunes have now been breaking from the underground and being played by Drum & Bass majors. Now partnering up with Vaptor, the duo is ambitious as ever to push their sound to prominence.
Their EP on Biogenetics is out on February 15, 2011, get it here…

In this mix, Deejay Delta and Vaptor bring you 14 of their latest exclusives in almost an hour. Lock in and leave your appreciation for the duo in the comments section!

Łukasz Żelezny, known as DeeJay Delta (born 23 March 1981 in Tarnowskie Góry, South Poland) is a Polish electronic music artist, and disc jockey, actually living London. As a musician he works within the dark drum and bass genres like techstep, neurofunk. Before, he was a member of amiga demoscene (1993 - 1998).

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