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Season 6  /  Epsiode 2  (S06E02)
Thursday, March 14, 2013
Concord Dawn - Loophole
Mindscape feat Coppa - Critters
Concord Dawn - Warehouse
Concord Dawn and Trei - Taurus
Concord Dawn - Codename Javelin
State Of Mind and Concord Dawn - Two Perfect Moments
Concord Dawn - Square Dance
Concord Dawn - Raining Blood
Dub Phizix feat Strategy - Marka
Concord Dawn and Trei - Capricorn
Trei and State of Mind - Breed
Concord Dawn - Amnesia
Concord Dawn - Ghost Rock
Concord Dawn feat Thomas Oliver - These Prison Walls
Gridlok - Warrior Code
Concord Dawn - Evaporate
Concord Dawn feat Rikki Morris - One Tear
Concord Dawn - Electrocute
State Of Mind and the Upbeats - Deviants
Concord Dawn and Jade - Tear Down The Sky
Trei - Mindless
Prolix and Dose - No One Else
Concord Dawn feat Tiki - Dont Tell Me
* timecodes may be estimated
This week, we have Drum & Bass icon Concord Dawn on as a guest on the show. Concord Dawn currently consists of producer Matt Harvey hailing from New Zealand.
Concord Dawn released their debut album in 2000, reaching massive success worldwide. After touring the album throughout New Zealand they released their second album Disturbance in April 2001 and received "Best Electronic Album" and "Best Independent Release" at the 2001 bNet Music Awards. Following this they started working on their third album: Uprising. Tracks like "Morning Light" and "Don’t Tell Me" found very high international acclaim well before the album’s release. Uprising was released in New Zealand in September 2003 and reached gold sales status in three months, going on to eventually reach platinum sales in New Zealand.

Concord Dawn have become established internationally and their catalogue is distributed worldwide. They went off on a world tour, traveling through the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. At the 2003 bNet music awards "Morning Light" won "Best Song" and "Most Radio Play". At the 2004 bNet music awards Uprising received "Best Album" and "Best Electronic Release". Concord Dawn were nominated for "Best Electronic Act" at the 2004 New Zealand music awards.

Concord Dawns live sets are well regarded as encompassing the full spectrum of drum and bass music, and this has seen constant tours and performances in Europe, Russia, Australasia, Asia and North America since the turn of the century.

Concord Dawn now only features member Matt Harvey, Evan Short left the group for reasons unknown. Following after his departure was "The Enemy Within LP" in 2010. The first solo Concord Dawn EP entitled "The Race To Zero EP" was released in 2011. (also titled "The Race To Zero Volume 1" on 5 September 2011. The "Wipeout EP" featuring New Zealand's TREi was released in early 2012 and in late 2012, Concord Dawn releases the Air Chrysalis LP, released for free via the artists Facebook and SoundCloud pages, which won "Best Electronica LP' at the 2012 RIANZ New Zealand Music Awards.

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