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Season 6  /  Epsiode 11  (S06E11)
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
1. Physical Illusion - The Music (Good Loking Records)
2. Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - Сonfused (NexGen Records)
3. Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - Something About Love (NexGen Records)
4. Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - About You (NexGen Records)
5. Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - Soul Harmony (NexGen Records)
6. Physical Illusion - Evening Of Jazz (Intelligent Recordings)
7. Physical Illusion - Forgotten Memories (Intelligent Recordings)
8. Physical Illusion - Camelopard (Good Loking Records)
9. Flame & Physical Illusion - Bygones (Celsius Recordings)
10. Physical Illusion - Blue Sea (Intelligent Recordings)
11. Physical Illusion - Awakening (Intelligent Recordings)
12. Atmodisiac & Physical Illusion - Space Guide (Reminiscence Audio)
13. Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - Remember When (NexGen Records)
14. Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - Freedom (NexGen Records)
15. Sunny Crimea & Physical Illusion Feat Identified - Learn To Love (NexGen Records)
16. Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea & MSdoS - Time (NexGen Records)
17. Physical Illusion - Return To Africa (Intelligent Recordings)
18. Physical Illusion - Grooves Of Sixtieth (Intelligent Recordings)
19. Physical Illusion, FullCasual & Kooka - Toxin (Intelligent Recordings)
20. Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea - Smokey (NexGen Records)
21. Against & Physical Illusion - Sakura (Intelligent Recordings)
22. Flame & Physical Illusion - Satellites (Fokuz Limited Recordings)
23. Stereotype & Physical Illusion - Sapphire (Modulate Recordings)
24. Physical Illusion - Cosmonaut (Intelligent Recordings)
25. Stereotype & Physical Illusion - Shaolin Temple (Modulate Recordings)
26. Physical Illusion - Funky Chords (Intelligent Recordings)
* timecodes may be estimated
It's my pleasure to have Physical Illusion on this week with a mix over one hour long! I received his demo a few months ago and immediately was hooked by his unique sound. It's a blend of liquid, deep, intelligent and classic drum and bass. Hailing from Ukraine, he is one his country's leading Drum & Bass producers. Being signed to the legendary Good Looking Records, Physical Illusion has been able to release his music on an impressive list of labels such as Fokuz, Syndrome Audio and IM:LTD and has been supported by LTJ Bukem, Future Prophecies and Paradox. Besides producing music, he is also the founder of his own imprint Intelligent Recordings which has a strong roster of deep drum and bass artists such as Physics, Kooka and Hectix.

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