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Season 6  /  Epsiode 7  (S06E07)
Thursday, July 11, 2013
1 - DJ SS - Black 2012 (Silent Code Remix) (Formation Records)
2 - Silent Code - Bassline Shut Up (Sliced Note Recordings)
3 - Kraze & Lymitless - Stolen Dice (Silent Code - (Why So Rotten)
4 - Dirty - Ragga Muffin (Silent Code Remix) (Free Download)
5 - Silent Code - Step Back (Easy Records)
6 - Silent Code - Play Pause Stop Rewind (Sliced Note Recordings)
7 - Silent Code - East Star (Physmatics / EA Games)
8 - Borka - Little Something (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Elektroschool)
9 - Silent Code - Escape (Sliced Note Recordings)
10 - Bionic 1 - Manic (Silent Code Remix) - (Forthcoming Physmatics)
11 - Silent Code - Engaged - (Viper Recordings)
12 - Silent Code - Sanctum - (Easy Records)
13 - Silent Code FT MC Zadok - Cold - Free Download
14 - Silent Code - Powerslide - (Easy Records)
15 - Picota - The Beast (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Rogue Beatz)
16 - Silent Code FT Jerome Price - Bounce Back (Easy Records)
17 - Silent Code - Pyhthagoras Theorem (Forthcoming Physmatics)
18 - Silent Code - Box Your Chimp (Easy Records)
19 - Silent Code - Alright (Forthcoming Sliced Note Recordings)
20 - Silent Code - Never Change - Free Download
21 - Silent Code FT Jerome Price - Forever - Unreleased
22 - Silent Code FT Ragga Twins - Dutty Gal VIP (Physmatics)
23 - Nebula 2 - Flatliners (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Kode 5)
24 - Silent Code - 6 Million Dolla Man - (Dirt Lies & Audio)
25 - Divided By Zero - Silent Code Radio Edit - Panic Attack (Philosphy)
* timecodes may be estimated
Panda presents Silent Code. Most of us in D&B probably know one half of the duo as Missrepresent. She's become a drum & bass legend over the years helping to pave the way for female DJs in the genre. She's had her entrepreneurial fingers in many pies, including founding the now defunct radio station Aftershock Radio, as well as starting her own label Sliced Note Recordings. She's played all over the world and now as part of the duo Silent Code, she's putting her hands in to drum & bass production. Also back when I started my channel (as PandaDNB) in 2008, both of us were one of the very few Drum & Bass channels on YouTube. So this feels a lot like a re-union for me!
Silent Code's "4 Corners EP" is out now and available from iTunes. Tune in and let me know how it sounds!

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