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Season 7  /  Epsiode 10  (S07E10)
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
01. Optiv & BTK - Blackjack feat. Rymetyme (Virus Recordings)
02. Optiv & BTK - Telepathy (Virus Recordings)
03. Optiv & BTK - Subterranean (Virus Recordings)
04. Optiv & BTK - Shredder (Virus Recordings)
05. Optiv & BTK & Mindscape - Intruder (Virus Recordings)
06. Optiv, BTK & Cold Fusion - Void (Renegade Hardware)
07. Optiv & BTK - That Sound (Virus Recordings)
08. Optiv & BTK - Dirt Box (Virus Recordings)
09. Optiv & BTK - Ground Shaker feat. Nuklear MC (Virus Recordings)
10. Optiv & BTK - Snake Bite feat. Rymetyme (Virus Recordings)
11. Mindscape - Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK Remix) (Commercial Suicide)
12. BTK & Nymfo - Drink Until This Night Makes Sense (?)
13. BTK & Mindscape - Nemesis (Virus Recordings)
14. Optiv & BTK - Midnight Nation (2am Remix) (Commercial Suicide)
15. Optiv & BTK - Weapon Of Choice (Virus Recordings)
16. Optiv, BTK & Black Sun Empire - Heart Shaped (Virus Recordings)
17. Optiv & BTK & Mindscape - Goin' In (Virus Recordings)
* timecodes may be estimated
Over the last year the duo known as Optiv & BTK have dominated the drum & bass scene with their unrelenting output of high quality, strictly for the dance floor releases and worldwide DJ sets.
Both producers have had a long history of releases in the scene and between them have appeared on an impressive list of revered labels like Renegade Hardware, Subtitles Music, Virus, and many more.

Optiv from the UK and BTK from Brazil joined forces in their new home town of Bern in Switzerland after meeting up at various drum & bass events in the area. Once inside the studio, the collaborative vibe and rapid results made it clear that consequences would never be the same.

Thanks to the farmhouse fresh beats of Optiv & BTK, far more than just the hills are alive with the sound of (sick) music.

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