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Season 1  /  Epsiode 1  (S01E01)
Thursday, September 15, 2011
01 - Hiatus & Shura - Fortune's Fool
02 - Hiatus - Shelter
03 - Hiatus - Save Yourself
04 - Hiatus - Nobody
05 - Hiatus - Contrail
06 - Hiatus & Shura - River
07 - Hiatus - Tombs
08 - Hiatus - Gentle Flame
09 - Hiatus - A Silver Exit
10 - Hiatus - Third
11 - Hiatus - Nightingale Force Winds
12 - Spokes - 3, 4, 5 (Hiatus Remix)
13 - Hiatus - This Means Something
14 - Hiatus & Shura - First
* timecodes may be estimated
Panda launches the first installment of his new Lounge Mix Show on YouTube with special guest Hiatus.
Hailing from Brixton, UK with an Iranian heritage, Hiatus' musical start began when he learnt to play the piano at the age of five. At university, Hiatus played keyboard in a band called Holy Smoke and then quickly moved on, getting into dance music and actually started to DJ drum and bass - another reason for having him on the show of course ;)

Hiatus self-describes his music as a type of cinematic electronica. It has heavy ambient and chill out influences but luckily does not fall back in to the cliché sounds of lounge. In fact, most of his tracks have a rather deep melodramatic and dark atmosphere about them. Hiatus' work also has a distinct Middle Eastern tint to it and that's for a reason: he travels back to Iran every year to look for records to bring back and sample those in his music.

Last year after hearing her sing in a live show, Hiatus started working with Shura, a singer from London, who he now delivered masterpieces with such as "Fortune's Fool" and "River", both featuring in this mix and coming out on October, 10th, 2011. They are now doing live performances together and working actively on new tracks.

In this mix, Hiatus bring us 14 of his and latest tracks, remixes and exclusives in an almost 1 hour long mix. Leave your appreciation for him in the comments!

Forthcoming from Hiatus are "Fortune's Fool" featuring Shura with a Clubroot remix and a Max Cooper remix of his track "Third". His Ghost Notes LP from 2010 is available now on iTunes:…. Tracks 2, 5, 12 and 14 are available as free downloads from….

"Love these tracks." Bonobo
"Shura has a subtlety and peace that is absolutely magical." Jamie Woon
"With their soulful melodies and dark, bassy ambience, Hiatus and Shura are as likely candidates as any to push the post-lounge genre onwards." PRS M Magazine
"An unbroken wave of haunting electronica that allows you to forget -- albeit briefly -- that people like James Blunt actually walk the earth." The Stool Pigeon
"Cinematic hypnotica that gives you prickles on your neck and shivers down your spine." Knowledge Magazine
"Sleepy, downbeat mushroom-picking expeditions through verdant gardens of electronica."

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