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Season 3  /  Epsiode 6  (S03E06)
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
00:00 - 00 -… (Implex - Constellation (feat. Enei))
00:30 - 01 - Implex - Universal (feat. Enei)
04:22 - 02 - Implex - Crash (feat. Enei)
06:18 - 03 - Implex - Tricky Tricky (feat. Enei)
08:30 - 04 - Implex - Monkey Business VIP (feat. Enei)
11:56 - 05 - Implex - Constellation (feat. Enei)
14:26 - 06 - Implex - Lightyears VIP (feat. Enei)
17:48 - 07 - Implex - Chocolate (feat. Liquilade & Enei)
21:39 - 08 - Implex - Medicin - Juzzy Juzz (Implex remix)
26:25 - 09 - Implex - Neon
29:33 - 10 - Implex - Spring Tune
33:26 - 11 - Implex - Miusha - Out of mind (Implex & Spherique remix)
37:56 - 12 - Implex - Personal Diving (feat Derrick and Tonika)

* timecodes may be estimated
Panda presents Implex. This Russian producer hailing from St. Petersburg is one of Drum & Bass's latest rising stars. Implex has been writing electronic music since 2001 and has released on countless labels including Covert Operations, Formation, Fokuz and lately the more upfront Viper Recordings and Hospital's Med School label for upcoming liquid artists. Implex's tracks are a delicate blend of dancefloor sounds with enough melody, color and soul to avoid becoming bland, while always staying close to his roots by keeping that typical Russian trance touch to it, reminding us of the classic tracks by Russian Drum N Bass icons Paul B & Sta. Implex's tracks have done really well and have received airplay from many of Drum and Bass's biggest artists. As Implex is upcoming, his current focus is on getting his music out as much labels as possible to increase exposure for his music. We're sure that this sensational artist-only mix will help him with that!
In this artist-only mix, Implex blends 12 of his latest and forthcoming tracks in less than 43 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for them in the comments!

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