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Season 5  /  Epsiode 10  (S05E10)
Sunday, August 26, 2012
1. Dimension - Detroit ft. Cyantific (Cyantific Music) 0:00
2. Nitri - Galaxy (Density Records Dub) 2:10
3. Metrik - Freefall ft. Reija Lee (Viper Recordings Dub) 3:15
4. Livewire & Ravager - Words & Ideas (Climate Digital) 5:47
5. DT - New Worlds (Density Records Dub) 7:36
6. Livewire - Wrong Turn (Dub) 10:30
7. Livewire - Acclimatize (Climate Digital) 12:19
-- Friction & K-Tee - Overtime (Renegade Hardware)
8. Ravager - F.R.E.Q (Dub) 16:18
9. Spirant & Amphix - Dagga (Density Records Dub) 19:12
10. Dioptrics - Error (Density Records Dub) 21:22
11. Kinetik & Nitri - Waterfall (Density Records Dub) 23:54
12. Ad Gannon - Space Snake (Regal Records) 25:43
13. Dexcell - Assimilate The Mind (Dub) 27:10
14. Livewire - Deadbeat (Density Records Dub) 29:39
15. Matrix & Futurebound - Move On ft. Cat Knight (Viper Recordings) 32:14
16. Livewire - Don't Let Go (Regal Records) 34:19
17. Metrik - Drift (Viper Recordings Dub) 35:46
* timecodes may be estimated
Panda proudly presents Livewire in the mix. Also known as Dave Phels, this 27-year old producer from the South West of the UK has seen his tracks receive massive support from the likes Netsky, Crissy Criss, John B and London Elektricity with massive rotation on BBC Radio One and 1Xtra.
He's in the mix for us now to promote his latest EP "Acclimatize" that's out now @…

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