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Season 4  /  Epsiode 8  (S04E08)
Saturday, August 27, 2011
1 - Mistabishi - Cheat - Nonplus+
2 - Mistabishi - Dare Me - Nonplus+
3 - Mistabishi - Quaterlife Crisis - Nonplus+
4 - Mistabishi - Hello Hell - Nonplus+
5 - Mistabishi - White Collar Grime - Hospital
6 - Mistabishi - Make It Go Away - Violence
7 - Mistabishi - Learn To Love The Rain - Dispatch
8 - Mistabishi - Rwnd The Revolution - Noh
9 - Mistabishi - Falling In Love Vr.2 - Hospital Demo
10 - Mistabishi - No Matter What V.I.P. - Hospital Dubplate
11 - Mistabishi - Fruitless Intensification - Noh
12 - Mistabishi - Party Politics - Noh
13 - Mistabishi - Secret Location
14 - Mistabishi - Scene And Not Herd - Noh
15 - Mistabishi - Close
* timecodes may be estimated
Panda presents Mistabishi in the mix. Mistabishi, also known as Jamie Pullen, is an electronic music producer signed to Hospital since 2008. He has been active in Drum and Bass since 2007 and has been able to move swiftly into and outside of the genre at will. Mistabishi has been responsible for tracks sch as the popular Printer Jam, in which he used samples of a real printer to build the main melody. He has remixed artists such as Placebo and White Lies.
More recently, Mistabishi has been working on a downtempo project with two fellow producers and a female singer called LOL on Non Plus records from which you can hear much at the beginning of this mix. He's also about to release a new album which you'll hear more from soon.

In this mix, Mistabishi mixes his latest and best work in 45 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for him in the comments section :

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