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Season 4  /  Epsiode 13  (S04E13)
Sunday, December 11, 2011
Download the mini mix here -…
For nearly 20 years Ram Records has been at the forefront of dance music and 2011 has been no exception! Reaching their landmark 100th release, this year has proven to be jam packed with quality bass music from the almighty Ram camp. To celebrate this, Ram have compiled an annual which includes a collection of 24 tracks from their outstanding artists and guests including: Basher, Break, Commix, Culture Shock, Cyantific, DC Breaks, Delta Heavy, Fresh, Hamilton, Loadstar, Mind Vortex, Noisia, Optiv & BTK, Origin Unknown, Ram Trilogy, Sub Focus & Wilkinson.. Rounding off the package nicely is a bonus mix from Hamilton with all the tracks superbly blended into a rollercoaster journey through 2011.

Ram Records Drum & Bass Annual 2011 provides an overview of this years highlights from Ram and covers the multi facetted face of Drum & Bass. Simply this is an essential digital album for any fan of bass music. Pre-order it now for £4.49 (iTunes)

It's a busy month for the show with weekly mixes now to get you through the holidays. This week I'm bringing you an exclusive Ram Records' showcase of some of the best tracks in Drum and Bass of 2011. For nearly 20 years now, Ram Records has been churning out smashers and this year they reached their 100th release. Still as fresh as ever, Ram has compiled a collection of 24 essential tracks of 2011 by a roster of artists including Culture Shock, Noisia, Loadstar and Sub Focus. It is out now and this mix gives you a quick preview of the album. Go and get it @…

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