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Season 3  /  Epsiode 1  (S03E01)
Thursday, February 18, 2010
12:22 - 6. Anything You Say Rv And Wickaman Blackwidow
14:33 - 7. Blue Dreamers Wickaman And Hector Rongrobot
18:53 - . So Real Hoodlum And Wickaman Dubplate
21:47 - . Deap Throat Rv And Wickaman Blackwidow
24:41 - 0. The Mine J Majik And Wickaman M0squito
27:35 - 1. Dubplate Mavrik And Wickaman Rongrobot
29:23 - 2. Get Mad (dnb) Sylo And Wickaman Rongrobot
32:06 - 3. Get Mad (dubstep) Sylo And Wickaman Rongrobot
33:29 - 4. Dubplate Sylo And Wickaman Dubplate
35:12 - 5. Dubplate Dubplate M0squito
38:17 - 6. The Assassin J Majik And Wickaman M0squito
39:39 - 7. Deathrow (dubstep Mix) The Amegos Versus Wickaman Rongrobot/dirty Love
42:24 - 8. Get Mad (dnb) Sylo And Wickaman Rongrobot
44:45 - 9. I Remember (j Majik And Wickaman Mix) - Deadmou5 - Mousetrap, M0squito, Virgin
48:01 - 0. Dubplate Dubplate Dubplate
49:27 - 1. Freedom Hoodlum And Wickaman Blackwidow
53:05 - 2. Free Beat Wickaman Feat. Jah Nation - Blackwidow
56:20 - 3. Dubplate Human Error Rongrobot
58:52 - 4. Kermit Wickaman Versus Freefall Rongrobot
62:07 - 5. Flatline J Majik And Wickaman M0squito
63:33 - 6. Royal Flush Dubplate Dubplate
66:48 - 7. Feel About You (original Sin Rmx) J Majik And Wickaman M0squito
69:42 - 8. Rage J Majik And Wickaman M0squito

* timecodes may be estimated
Panda presents Wickaman. The UK Drum & Bass artist is most known from his work with J Majik in creating records such as the 2008 classic "Crazy World" that hit the UK Top 40 Charts selling over 20,000 copies, the Drum & Bass remix of Deadmau5's "I Remember" and founding Infrared, one of the most popular labels in Drum & Bass. On his own he has worked with Jah and Rah Nation on the track "Feel About You" which got playlisted on BBC Radio 1.
Forthcoming now are Wickaman's debut album entitled "Mosquito" and a release with Sylo on Rong Robot called "Get Mad".

In this artist-only mix, blending 28 tracks less than 75 minutes, Wickaman show us solely his and his label's latest tunes...

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